Building Block Dreams: The Lego Ideas Process


Are you a fan of Lego? Have you ever dreamed of having your own Lego set produced and sold worldwide? Well, your dreams might just become a reality through the Lego Ideas process. Lego Ideas is a platform that allows Lego enthusiasts to submit their own Lego set designs for a chance to have them produced and sold as official Lego sets. But how does Lego choose which sets to turn into reality? Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Lego product development.

The Journey Begins: Submitting an Idea

The Lego Ideas process starts with a simple concept - submitting an idea. Lego fans can submit their set designs on the Lego Ideas website, where they can showcase their creativity and demonstrate why their set deserves to exist. The designs can be based on various themes, from popular movies and TV shows to historical landmarks and original creations.

To gain consideration, an idea must gather support from the Lego community. The goal is to convince 10,000 Lego supporters to vote for the design. This serves as an initial filter, ensuring that there is interest and potential market demand for the set. However, it’s important to note that reaching the 10,000-vote threshold does not guarantee production.

The Lego Group’s Decision

Once an idea has amassed enough votes, it is up to the Lego Group to make the final decision. This is where the process becomes more complex. The Lego Group evaluates various factors, such as playability, brand fit, and licensing issues for sets based on existing intellectual properties. The decision-making process, unfortunately, remains largely opaque, with little transparency into why certain ideas are rejected.

It’s worth mentioning that even if an idea passes the 10,000-vote mark, there is still a chance that it may not make it into production. The Lego Group may choose to reject a set due to internal design review or other undisclosed reasons. This can be a disappointment for both the creator and the supporters who rallied behind the idea.

The Art of Design Overhaul

For the lucky few sets that make it through the rigorous selection process, the journey is far from over. Most Ideas sets undergo a significant design overhaul before reaching production. This ensures that the final product meets Lego’s quality standards and aligns with their overall brand image. The revisions can range from minor tweaks to substantial changes in design and play features.

While some fans appreciate the improvements that come with the design overhaul, others may be disappointed when the final set deviates from the original idea. This can lead to debates within the Lego community, with some longing for the initial vision and others embracing the new direction.

Market Potential: A Driving Factor

In addition to creativity and design appeal, market potential plays a significant role in deciding which sets get produced. The 10,000 supporters who voted for an idea serve as an indication of potential demand. Although not all of them may end up purchasing the set, it provides a useful metric for assessing the market viability of an idea.

Moreover, the Lego Group also considers its manufacturing capacity and the overall lineup of sets being produced. They have to carefully plan and schedule the production of different sets, taking into account available resources, manufacturing capabilities, and the need to meet customer demands. This can influence the final selection of Lego Ideas sets for production.

The Lego Ideas Community: A Haven for Creativity

Despite the challenges and uncertainties of the Lego Ideas process, it remains a beloved platform for Lego enthusiasts. It allows fans to unleash their creativity, share their designs, and connect with a passionate community of like-minded individuals. The process encourages collaboration, inspiration, and the realization of building block dreams.

Whether your design becomes an official Lego set or not, the experience of participating in the Lego Ideas process is an achievement in itself. It showcases the dedication, talent, and passion that Lego fans possess, while also highlighting the complexity of bringing a Lego set from concept to fruition.

So, if you have a dazzling Lego design in mind, don’t hesitate to submit it to Lego Ideas and embark on this inspiring journey. Who knows, your dream set could soon become a reality, delighting Lego fans of all ages around the world.

Let the building begin! 🧱✨


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